It is not uncommon for victims of bullying to repeat the negative messages they hear from their bullies, they may not even realise they are doing it!

For example, they might say, โ€œIโ€™m such a loser,โ€ every time they make a mistake. Or, they may say, โ€œIโ€™m so fat and ugly,โ€ every time they look in the mirror.

When this happens, the victims are internalisingย the messages the bullies have said to them or about them. In fact, they have probably heard these messages so many times that they often start to believe they are true.

One of the best ways counteract this is with positive affirmations!

"Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at those who shine." - Taylor Swift

Positive affirmations are positive statements that people repeat to themselves. These statements help to reprogram their brains and their way of thinking after being bullied. The aim is that positive thinking becomes more automatic and the negative words become less frequent, and hold less power in their mind.๏ปฟ๏ปฟ๏ปฟ

The goalย is to learn positive statements that empower, support and encourage, then repeat them enough so that they become part of your automatic thought processes. Resulting in higher self confidence, improved mood and emotional regulation, increased ability to handle life challenges and to be resilient!ย 

So as you can see, Affirmations are a very valuable and important tool for those experiencing bullying. With regular and consistent use they will help to support emotional well being, and help victims to overcome the hurtful things others may say or do!


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