One of the best features (we think) of Social Seeds Card Games is that there isn't really any firm rules! 
However, we know some people prefer them therefore we have developed instructions for suggested play: 
  1. Determine the agreed length of play time. (45 - 60 minutes is suggested)
  2. Players agree to remain quiet and listen carefully to others when they are answering.
  3. Each player is to get two cards and the remaining cards are placed into the centre, face side down.
  4. The first player begins by picking up a card, and then chooses one from their hand to answer aloud, while the other player/s listens. (Answers should ideally be 2-3 sentences)
  5. Once a card has been played it should be placed into a discard pile, and it is then the next players turn. (if playing with more than two players game play moves in a clock wise direction).
  6. If a wild card is used, the player may choose to either ask a question to the group or a player, make a comment/response in regards to a topic previously discussed, or they can swap for another card in the deck before choosing a card to answer for their turn.
  7. At the end of the desired play time, additional conversation and open discussion is encouraged.

Our card games are perfect for use:

  • During family meal times or outings
  • Holidays & camping trips
  • When meeting & making new friends
  • In schools as an SEL activity or for team building
  • As a therapy aide, to help build rapport & trust between client & therapist
  • Road trips
  • Social/Youth Groups
  • Family night activity

There are so many other ways to play, we love to hear your favourite way to play! Feel free to share with us in email or via our socials by tagging @socialseedsaus in your post, or using the hashtag #socialseedsinplay


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